Once we've finalized your design, we move on to create a lifelike prototype of your custom piece, providing you with a tangible preview of your vision before it's cast in precious metal.

Your 3D printed prototype isn't just a model – it's an experience. It allows you to see, touch, and even wear your design, giving you a firsthand look at how it will come to life. This level of personalization ensures that every detail aligns with your vision and preferences, setting the stage for a truly unique piece.

But we don't stop there. I understand that jewelry isn't just about appearance – it's about how it fits and feels in your everyday life. That's why I want you to try on and wear your 3D printed prototype, paying close attention to its comfort and functionality.

If something doesn't feel quite right – perhaps it catches on your hair or feels uncomfortable – then it's back to the drawing board. We'll work together to tweak the design until it's absolutely perfect for you, ensuring that your custom piece seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.


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