Step 2: Ethical Gemstone Selection

Step 2: Ethical Gemstone Selection

In the second phase of our design process at Amity Alexandra Jewelry Design, we focus on the crucial task of selecting gemstones. During this step, we aim to bring your vision to life by choosing the perfect gemstone.

Our commitment to ethically sourced gemstones guarantees not only a beautiful shine but also ethical sourcing. We carefully source conflict-free gemstones from around the world, ensuring we avoid regions entangled in conflicts or human rights issues. This approach supports ethical mining practices and prevents any contribution to violence or unethical practices.

Furthermore, our dedication to sustainability shines through in our choice of gemstones. We select only the finest quality stones, focusing on the four Cs - the industry-standard measures to assess a gemstone's quality:

  • Carat Weight: We help you select the size of the gemstone, ensuring it aligns with your specifications and budget. Carat weight is measured in karats, and our expertise allows us to find the ideal balance between size and quality.
  • Color: When it comes to choosing a gemstone, color plays a vital role. I guide you through a spectrum of hues, from D (colorless) to K (faint yellow), allowing you to choose the color that resonates with your style. This D-K measurement captures the subtle variations in color intensity, helping you find the perfect shade to express your unique taste and preferences. 
  • Clarity: Using guidelines established by the Gemological Institute of America, we scrutinize the presence of internal and external imperfections, guaranteeing the gemstone's impeccable quality. This characteristic is measured from Internally Flawless (IF) to Included (I2).
  • Cut: We also meticulously assess the precision and craftsmanship of the gemstone's cut, which directly influences its brilliance and sparkle. The cut ranges from Ideal to Fair.

(The above is just a summary of the 4cs. To dive deeper, we have an extensive breakdown of the 4c's on our main blog.)

In addition to the four Cs, we also consider several other essential characteristics, which include:

  • Shape: The overall outline of the gemstone.
  • Dimensions: Specific measurements such as length, width, and depth, often represented in millimeters (mm).
  • Proportions: The relationships between different parts of the gem.
  • Girdle: The edge of the gemstone where it meets the crown and pavilion.
  • Table: The top, flat facet of the gemstone.
  • Depth: The height of the gemstone measured from the table to the culet.
  • Symmetry: The alignment and balance of facets and surfaces.
  • Polish: The quality of the gemstone's surface finish.
  • Fluorescence: The gemstone's reaction to ultraviolet light.
  • Culet: The small facet at the base of a gemstone's pavilion.
  • Treatments: Any enhancements or treatments applied to the gemstone.

My experience guides you through this phase, ensuring that the chosen gemstone reflects the emotion, story, and character you desire for your piece. Whether you prefer the vibrant hues of colored gemstones or the timeless elegance of diamonds, our gemstone selection process lets you pick the perfect gem that suits your style and preferences.

Additionally, for your peace of mind, we offer the option to order several gemstones, allowing you to view them in person and ensure you select the perfect one that aligns precisely with your vision.

In the world of fine jewelry, it's not just about the sparkle; it's about the story each gemstone tells. Our thorough gemstone selection process ensures that the gem resonates most with your desires, making your custom-designed piece genuinely one-of-a-kind. With your vision and our experience, Amity Alexandra Jewelry Design is here to make your gemstone selection an enjoyable experience.

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