Amity Gleason

Step into the magical realm of Amity Gleason, the heart and soul of Amity Alexandra Jewelry Designs. With over two decades of diving into the worlds of fashion, cosmetics, and accessories, Amity is not just a jeweler—she's your personal guide to a world of bespoke treasures. Her jewelry journey spans eight enchanting years, filled with lessons, connections, and a passion for crafting unique pieces, all of which she now shares with you, her cherished customers.

Amity's academic adventures include degrees in fashion merchandising and design, laying down the creative groundwork for her dazzling jewelry career. Add to that a Masters in Business Administration, tailor-made for her role as an entrepreneur in the vibrant world of custom jewelry design. This diverse education ensures that Amity Alexandra Jewelry Designs not only shines with exquisite designs but also runs on a foundation of entrepreneurial excellence.

Endowed with a natural flair for design, Amity has a superpower—bringing your unique visions to life. Her discerning eye lets her grasp your style, inspiration, and personal story, turning each piece into a bespoke work of art. Before diving into the world of jewelry, Amity flexed her skills as a criminal defense attorney in California, showcasing her diverse talents and ironclad determination. And fun fact—she's no stranger to the world of elite gymnastics, proving her commitment to excellence and discipline.

Amity's warm and approachable nature makes her not just a jeweler but a trusted companion on your journey to turning stories into custom-designed masterpieces. Her commitment to the craft, coupled with a rich background in customer service, ensures that every piece from Amity Alexandra Jewelry Designs is not just an accessory but a heartfelt expression of your individuality and style. Ready to explore the world of jewelry through Amity's eyes? Let's make your story shine!