Origin Story

Our journey kicks off with a Halloween-themed wedding that unfolded twelve magical years ago. Faced with the struggle of finding unique, custom jewelry that wouldn't break the bank, the spark of an idea ignited—a vision where everyone could access one-of-a-kind, affordable jewelry.

Fast forward to a swollen finger incident after the birth of our first child, and jewelry reentered the scene. My husband had to delicately cut off my ring, and that became the catalyst for my deep dive into jewelry making. I delved into metalsmithing, enrolled in jewelry-making courses, all with one mission—to repair my precious ring.

In this odyssey, a talent cultivated over two decades in the customer service realm emerged—the ability to connect with people and understand their preferences. It wasn't just about selling jewelry; it was about forging personal connections and crafting pieces that told unique stories.

Enter Amity Alexandra Jewelry Design. Our philosophy is simple: we partner with you to create jewelry that harmonizes with your style, budget, and lifestyle. Whether it's reviving a cherished piece or designing a custom engagement ring, we're here to bring your jewelry dreams to life.

So, welcome to the world of Amity Alexandra Jewelry Design, where each piece is a canvas for your story and dreams. Join me on this expedition as we shape your visions into wearable art, crafting jewelry that not only graces your body but also finds a special place in your heart. Together, let's create jewelry that's as uniquely yours as your story.