Carrie Hellbusch

With a glittering decade of expertise in the digital realm, Carrie Hellbusch joins Amity Alexandra Jewelry Design as the Social Media Brand Manager, weaving a tapestry of innovative marketing and communication strategies across our digital platforms. Her mastery in social media, grounded in a rich palette of experience, brings a unique vibrancy to our online presence.

Carrie's journey in the digital world is adorned with prestigious certifications, including Microsoft Generative AI, LinkedIn Content and Creative Design, and Pinterest Pro. This educational mosaic not only illustrates her proficiency but also her commitment to excellence in leveraging the dynamic landscape of digital platforms.

At the heart of Carrie's mission is a passion for storytelling - a desire to narrate the unique tale of each bespoke piece we create, through the lens of social media. Her expertise is not just in crafting compelling content but in sculpting a digital space where the artistry of Amity Alexandra Jewelry Design resonates with the elegance and individuality of our audience.

Her role transcends mere strategy; it embodies the essence of guiding and nurturing our brand's digital journey. From orchestrating engaging campaigns to harmonizing our online community's conversations, Carrie's touch is evident in the vibrant and authentic connection we foster with our followers.

In her hands, our social media platforms transform into realms where luxury meets relatability, where every post, story, and tweet is a brushstroke that adds depth and color to the Amity Alexandra Jewelry Design narrative.

Join us in welcoming Carrie Hellbusch to our team, where her passion, expertise, and visionary approach to social media will continue to elevate the sparkling legacy of Amity Alexandra Jewelry Design.