Crafting Uniqueness, Unleashing Possibilities

Welcome to Amity Alexandra Jewelry, where we're not your typical jeweler—we're your partners in creating magic. Our philosophy? Break free from the ordinary, and let your imagination take center stage.

Our approach is refreshingly different. Say goodbye to mass-produced designs; at Amity Alexandra Jewelry, you're the creator of your story. Whether you fancy a fully customized piece, a tweak to an existing design, or something ready-made, the choice is yours. Dive into the digital age with us, where we offer remote access to gemstone options, 3D renderings, and even physical wax prototypes for a touchable experience.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

At Amity Alexandra Jewelry, our devotion goes beyond crafting exquisite pieces; it's a pledge to our Earth and its communities. Sustainability and ethical practices are the heart of our mission, driving every facet of our work.

We go the extra mile in sourcing conflict-free gemstones, ensuring your jewelry carries a pristine conscience. These gems hail from regions untouched by conflict or human rights abuses, championing ethical mining practices and standing against the support of violence.

Our commitment continues with refined metals, carefully chosen from recycled or responsibly sourced materials. This conscious selection reduces the environmental toll of mining and processing, making each piece not only beautiful but also a step toward a greener planet.

This dedication to sustainability echoes through every stage of our jewelry-making process, from our recyclable packaging to our responsible manufacturing practices. At Amity Alexandra Jewelry, we're steadfast in our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, one mindful step at a time. 🌍💎✨

A Personalized Journey

Your journey with Amity Alexandra Jewelry is personal. From the first spark of an idea to the delivery of your masterpiece, I'm your guide. We start by diving into your unique vision, meticulously choose the perfect gemstone, bring your dreams to life on paper, and then craft your piece with a touch of enchantment. Your input guides us every step of the way, ensuring your final piece meets our highest standards.

  1. Conceptualize: We start with your ideas and vision. 💭
  2. Ethical Gemstone Selection: We meticulously source the perfect gemstone. 💎
  3. Design & Render: We bring your vision to life on paper. 📐
  4. Material & Metal Pick: You choose the materials that resonate with you. 🪙
  5. CAD Model: We create a digital model for your approval. 🖥️
  6. Approve & Modify: Your input guides our adjustments. 📝
  7. Casting & Setting: The magic begins as we craft your piece. ✨
  8. Polish & Finish: We add the final touches to perfection. 🌟
  9. Quality Check: We ensure your piece meets our highest standards. ✅
  10. Personalize: If desired, we add a personal touch such as engraving. ✍️
  11. Deliver: Your custom jewelry is delivered to your doorstep. 🎁
  12. Care Instructions: We provide guidance on how to cherish your piece.
    Click here to get our FREE guide on how to take care of fine jewelry. 🧼
  13. Insurance: Guidance on insuring your piece. 💍

The Boutique Experience

Our clients seek more than just jewelry—they crave a boutique experience where style has no limits, and budgets are respected. The journey begins with a consultation, a moment where we connect, explore, and understand your expectations. Dive into the perks of our boutique service: a jewelry case, complimentary shipping, a loaner ring program, free cleaning supplies and lessons, and an exclusive guide to jewelry care and maintenance available on our website.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Our offerings cater to the diverse needs of our clients, ranging from custom jewelry design to engraving and metal refining. With over eight years in the industry, I've built a network of jewelry insiders, and my design expertise stems from two decades in customer service and fashion merchandising.

Embark on this shared journey where dreams and craftsmanship intertwine. At Amity Alexandra Jewelry Design, it's not just about crafting exceptional pieces; it's about celebrating your uniqueness, honoring our Earth, and turning dreams into reality—one dazzling piece at a time. 🌟💍✨