My Hallowedding: A Night to Remember

My Hallowedding: A Night to Remember

Planning a wedding is a monumental task, but planning a Halloween-themed wedding on a haunted ship? Now that's a whole different ballgame. In this episode of The Gothic Heart, I sat down with Dana DeMarco, the mastermind behind Party and Be Married, the company that made my Hallowedding a smashing success 13 years ago. It was a celebration filled with unique requests, unexpected challenges, and incredible creativity. Let's dive in and relive the highlights!

Invitations with a Personal Touch

One of the first things that stood out was the invitations. Dana and her team at Party and Be Married didn't just print standard invites—they hand-crafted them to fit our spooky theme. The invitations were coffin-shaped and opened like gates, revealing a cascade of skulls and poems. Talk about setting the mood right from the start!

The Buffy VAMPYR Book and the Necronomicon

If you're a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Evil Dead series, you'll love what Party and Be Married pulled off for our wedding. I wanted the VAMPYR book from Buffy for our vows and the Necronomicon from Army of Darkness for some unique wedding photos. Dana and her team made them from scratch, capturing every eerie detail. They even turned the VAMPYR book into a photo album, a delightful surprise.

A Haunted Venue: The Queen Mary

Hosting a wedding on the Queen Mary, a famously haunted ship docked in Long Beach, California, added an extra layer of excitement. The historic venue came with its own set of challenges, like narrow hallways and limited access, but Dana's team handled it all with ease. They carried all our décor up flights of stairs, including a full-size coffin for our ceremony—talk about dedication!

Capturing the Ghostly Moments 

To capture the eerie essence of our wedding, we went with Karen Leah Photography. She totally nailed it, capturing all the spooky vibes, including my all-time favorite shot where I look like a spectral ghost—it’s hauntingly cool!

And let's talk about the green screen booth. It was a total hit with the guests, creating all sorts of spooky and hilarious photos. People got to choose from different backgrounds, so you could be chilling in a coffin or even chopping off your friend's head for a little horror-fun!

A Sweetly Sinister Cake

Let's talk about the cake. It was a traditional three-tiered white cake with hearts and sparkles, but with a twist—blood dripping down the sides. It was a perfect representation of our wedding theme: classy and elegant with a touch of horror. The cake became a talking point among guests, and it tasted as amazing as it looked.

Poems and Other Spooky Touches

No Halloween wedding would be complete without some spooky poems. Dana's team helped us create creepy yet charming poems for our wedding programs, invitations, and even the guest books. Every little detail, from the safety pins to the bathroom décor, was thoughtfully designed to fit our theme.


Joann's Thoughtful Skull Earrings

One of the most touching moments came after the wedding when Joann, a member of Dana's team, sent me a pair of skull earrings. It was a thoughtful gesture that showed how much they cared about their clients, even long after the wedding day. I still have those earrings and wear them proudly.

Looking back, I'm so grateful to Dana and Party and Be Married for making our wedding truly unforgettable. If you're planning a unique wedding with a personal touch, I can't recommend them enough. Whether it's a themed celebration or something completely out of the ordinary, they're the team to make it happen.

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