Hey there, I'm Amity Gleason, the heart and soul behind Amity Alexandra Jewelry Design. I've spent over two decades immersed in the world of customer service and fueled by a love for fashion.

My mission? To banish the idea that you have to compromise on personal style. I'm all about making custom, unique jewelry--something everyone can embrace. Let's craft pieces that not only dazzle but also empower, weaving stories that celebrate the uniqueness of each and every wearer.

Bespoke Jewelry

Let's turn your precious moments into wearable tales at Amity Alexandra Jewelry. With our custom design process, your story comes to life, creating not just jewelry but a narrative of your beautiful memories.

Bespoke Design Process

Heirloom Redesign

Let's breathe new life into your family treasures, turning them into cherished stories that resonate with your unique journey. Our heirloom redesign process is all about celebrating your legacy in a way that feels authentically you.

Heirloom Redesign

Engagement Rings